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Weightloss, social factors & food supplements

    To make sure you’re on the safe side, always buy supplements with natural ingredients or in other words – bioproducts. An example of this is the Редуслим food supplement, which prides itself on its bio ingredients and zero artificial compounds. Among their many benefits, food supplements help for reducing weight and help you get in shape. Renowned pharmaceutical companies employ many specialists and dietitians to put together essences and extracts from herbs, roots, mushrooms, and all sorts of plants to form powerful cocktails to help us to speed our metabolism, reduce appetite and help us get lean. You must beware, though, because not every manufacturer of these supplements is honest in the positive impact of their products. One must carefully read the fine print and backside of the container to familiarize themselves with the ingredients. Because some of them might be synthetics that could have long-term malign effects to your body or you may develop side effects.

    Our outlook is one of those things that either charge us with confidence and self-esteem or make us shrivel in anxiety, being asocial or the source of many complexes. But that is totally normal because unfortunately, as good of a person as we may be, smart, funny or friendly, the first thing people notice and judge about us is our outlook. But the upside is that most anxiety we feel in these social situations is self-inflicted. That is, we often get to overthink and overestimate the level of detail other people notice and remember about us. And indeed, if we look ourselves in the mirror, we may not like what we see or the contrary, see ourselves as Davids or Athens, but that doesn’t necessarily match with how other people perceive us. Some of them would like us more than others and there’s little we can do to change this point of view. What we CAN change though is our personal perception of ourselves. Because no matter whether we are lean or chubby, self-esteem is what drives our confidence up or down. And confident people are attractive.

    That being said, we need to be realistic. We live in times where we are constantly bombarded with ideas of what perfect bodies should look like. Be it on social media, on TV, billboards, magazines, where we see lean and beautiful bodies, abs, protruding posteriors and what not. Even if we don’t pay attention to them, they’re so deeply enrooted into our western culture and psyche that we can’t really ignore them entirely. Not to mention that a big portion of those flashy images we see every day have undergone a thorough rework in apps such as photoshop, further creating unrealistic expectations not just about us but for our choice of mates. Those of us who are more conscious of other people’s views about us find it harder and harder to be confident about ourselves. But to be fair, we too tend to be picky when choosing who we date and most of the time, looks does matter for us as well. It is a two-way street.

    There are numerous ways out there for us to be in better shape. Whilst not everyone can afford the time and money to go to the gym every day or buy expensive supplements, you can still do a colossal amount of effort for your health for a lot less and your body will thank you for it. As they say, 70% of the work to get in shape is done in the kitchen, not the gym. Because picture this – you go to the gym every day, lift weights, do cardio but after that have a burger with fries for lunch, ice cream in the afternoon and a pizza with a full pack of Oreos for dinner and dessert. That’s actually a good diet if you want to gain mass. But not if you want to look leaner.

    Again, the choice of food isn’t a walk in the park for many people. Not everyone can cook healthy meals or afford highly nutritious yet healthy snacks. We are often pressured by our day-to-day responsibilities and food is something which we rarely have time to think about. It’s much easier to grab a small, half-cooked meal that we just throw in the microwave and consume in a few minutes. Or a bag of chips or a wrapped candy bar. But should a person put his or her will to it, there will always be time and resources for an effort to stay healthy. Recently, food supplements become more and more popular. It’s obvious why – they’re convenient and do work. People can take them on the go and they can be effective for many things regarding your health and well-being. While not capable of completely replacing a balanced diet, they can supply you with vitamins and nutrients to help fill the gaps in your diet. If for example, you don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, a vitamin supplement could get you some or all the vitamins you would otherwise take from these foods.

    Regardless of what supplement you choose, when it comes to staying healthy and in shape, you need to really mean it. You should put in the extra effort and pay attention to what you eat and your levels of physical activity. If you combine all this together, the results will be quick to follow, and you will like what you see in the mirror in the bathroom or your reflection on the window of a random car passing by. And you’ll notice that spike of confidence that would make you charismatic and alluring to the outside world, even if you don’t necessarily rock a six-pack.