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We founded The Patient Safety, Science & Technology Movement to confront large problems with actionable ideas and innovations that can transform the process of care and dramatically improve patient safety. The Movement is not just about information, it is about action–and we are delighted that several leading medical technology companies have already taken decisive action by publicly committing to making patient data available. This is a great start—but if we are going to reach our goal of zero preventable patient deaths by 2030, we’re going to need many more commitments—from every part of the healthcare ecosystem.

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This is my pledge to making a better healthcare system, one step closer to ensuring there will be no more preventable deaths.Please join me in making a pledge to make patient data that clinicians and patients buy our products for available to others in the industry for their use, a pledge that will save lives.Yes, I want to make this pledge and hope to be held accountable for it:

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