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Improving patient safety is one of the greatest challenges facing the healthcare industry. Each year, more than 200,000 people die of preventable deaths in U.S. Hospitals alone. Getting to ZERO preventable patient deaths by 2030, will require fundamental changes in the process of care and a collaborative effort from all stakeholders.

We will meet our goal of ZERO preventable patient deaths, by bringing together some of the best minds to engage and collaborate on high impact patient safety challenges through monitoring and feedback, predicting risk, therapeutic advances, decision support, interoperability, automating and integrating quality measures. With all of us working together to overcome these challenges, we can get to ZERO, one institution at a time. The Movement is not just about information, it is about action!

Below you will find links to what we are calling recipes – they contain some of the best ingredients to overcome some of the leading problems facing patient safety. Please take the time to download them and share them with your colleagues – we will get to ZERO one healthcare institution at a time.

At the last year summit we focused on three addressable challenges that are within our power to solve now:

However, there are many more challenges to address if we are to reach our goal of ZERO preventable patient deaths by 2020. Scroll down the page to see how inspired clinicians are already attacking additional patient safety challenges. Visit often and watch the list grow. Perhaps you will even offer your own recipe for solving another patient safety challenge?